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Google Adwords 

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Google Adwords is an indispensable component of any digital marketing plan. These days more and more businesses are taking advantage of Adwords to reach new heights. A well-optimized Adwords campaign can work much faster for a business to generate more leads and traffic.


What is Google Adwords? 

Google Adwords is a term given to PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google. In the modern hi-tech era, they have emerged as a highly successful tool for driving traffic, getting sales, and marketing a particular product or service. When a prospective customer is looking for a particular product, restaurant, service, promotion or anything in any part of the world, they are likely to search it first on Google. This is when Adwords come into place. These are the search terms that serve a relevant ad for any service or product.

Adwords work

How does Adwords work?

When a Google user types a query on Google, the search engine runs an algorithm to determine which of the ads are best to be displayed in relation to a particular query. This algorithm is called “Auction” and it runs every single time a user enters a question over Google.

Data Analysis

Why do you need to have a Google Adwords campaign?

If you have been ignoring the most effective and popular online advertising platform in the world, its time to re-think your marketing strategies…Here are some of the undeniable benefits of using a Google Adwords company in Melbourne, Victoria


Competition at the same level

Whether you are a new company or a company in existence from last two decades, with Google Adwords, your company can be found on the first page regardless of age and size of the company. Whether you have been around for long or not, you can get your marketing message viewed by your targeted leads and that will be when your service or product will be searched online.


Best for Area-Specific Reach

Google Adwords in Melbourne can give you targeting options. So, whether you are a business based locally or a regional company, you can geo-target your market and be seen by local customers easily. You need not waste your money on those who are not located in your area. Adwords can enable you to target countries, areas within the country, and even radius to show your ads to a certain distance of the location of your business.


Enables Your Customers to View your Contact Information

With Google Adwords, your customers can view your phone number, address, reviews, etc. This makes you more legit and reachable in the eyes of customers too. Easy connection with the customers is synonymous to more leads.


Choose My Digital Solutions to Set up and  Maintain your Adwords Campaigns

My Digital Solutions is recognised as a specialised company with Google Adwords as one of the digital marketing strategies to help the customers gain a competitive edge in Victoria. We have a team of professionals who will help you understand the campaign, list out the objectives, align them with your requirements, and create a customized Google AdWords plan that will help you make the most of online marketing. The solutions provided by us are not only easy on your pocket but offer you with the best value for your money.


Highly Specific Services

Keywords is the golden term. This is what Adwords is known for. The more targeted your keywords are, more precise will be your reach towards your potential customers, who need exactly what you have right now.


Retargeting Your Customer is Easy with Google Adwords

Many times, we visit a website and then leave it. But then we keep seeing ads of that company at different pages we browse. This is called customer retargeting and it has plenty of benefits. By making use of a solid Adwords campaign in Melbourne, even if your customer leaves your website without buying anything, you can target ads that follow them on different Google Display Networks, or searches. You need to pay a bit extra for it but it does the trick and is worth it.


Results can be measured

The biggest advantage of Google Adwords company in Melbourne is the ability to measure results. You can track and set your own goals for – brand awareness, website traffic, return on investment, and conversions. In terms of results, you can always see which of your keywords are performing best, how many ads are performing as expected, and what headlines are getting the best click-through rate. If you are running a new business hoping to get listed on the top ten search results, you should acknowledge that your business is going to be competing with experienced and professional SEO experts. It is thus advisable to have a good one by your side too.

If your ad is performing well, you can increase the results by increasing the amount you spend on that ad and cut the same out for underperforming ads. Our team consists of skilled and professional digital marketing experts in Melbourne can run multiple campaigns to match your needs. To discover how the custom-tailored solutions at My Digital Solutions can help you gain and improve your Google Adword results, you can drop a line to us at or contact us by clicking the button below.